Advising Information by Major

Georgia Tech academic advising takes place with advisors and advising offices in the student's major.  Choose the College below to see the list of majors, and then click the major to be taken to the appropriate main advising web site.  Academic advisors help you understand and plan to meet degree requirements and to select courses, but they also guide you as you explore your interests, set goals, and take advantage of opportunities and resources at Tech.  

In addition to meeting with their academic advisor, most Tech students work with several types of advising during their undergraduate experience.  These include advising for students planning to study or work abroad, engage in undergraduate research, or who are in the Honors Program.  Advising is also available to help students plan for graduate or professional school, as well as to apply for competitive prestigious fellowships.  Students should work with career advisors to explore career, co-op and internship opportunities.  Links to these advising options are listed under "Special Programs."