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Change of Major Overview and Resources

Students admitted as Freshmen (First Years) in Summer or Fall 2018 may not change majors until after the deadline for withdrawal from classes (W deadline) in Fall semester. Undergraduates admitted as Freshmen (non-transfers) are allowed one unrestricted change of major prior to earning 60 hours. There are a few majors that have been granted exceptions to this rule (ME, ISYE, Music Technology). After earning 60 hours, students are only allowed to change majors at the discretion of the new major.  Transfers are only granted changes at the discretion of the new major.

It's important to learn about your options and be sure you understand what each major expects of you, and can offer you, as well as the academic program and course requirements. Some majors offer “info” sessions to help you get all these basics—and some require that you register for and attend these. Others offer appointment times for you to meet with an advisor to discuss your options and ask questions. Tech is a big place, and each major handles the change-of-major process a little differently. The information on this site is designed to give you the basics. Please follow the links below for additional details and clarification. All students with general questions related to changing or exploring majors are welcome to meet with or contact Ms. Stephanie Aluko, Exploratory Advisor, at stephanie.aluko@gatech.edu or through GradesFirst. Please note that Ms. Aluko cannot take the place of major-specific information sessions, nor can she sign change-of-major forms, but can guide you through the exploration process and connect you with the right resources at Tech. 

Also remember that the Career Center offers a variety of resources that can help you think about your major and your future professional life. These range from assessments to career counseling, for example, as well as some great online resources related to thinking about majors. 

The GT Change-of-Major form is available from the Registrar’s website, as is information about general change-of-major policy.

College of Computing

All students MUST attend a Change of Major meeting.

All students MUST attend a Change of Major meeting.

Sophomores-Seniors must also complete an intro CS course and earn a C or higher

There are also Minor Interest Meetings on the CS Minors.

College of Design

Schedule an advising appointment in GradesFirst (gatech.gradesfirst.com) or email Troy Whyte.

College of Engineering

Students must meet with Dr. Lakshmi Sankar.

(During the month of October, email Dr. Sankar to schedule a meeting.

Make an appointment (change/addition of major) with BME in GradesFirst.

More information here.

All students are encouraged to register for and attend a change-of-major meeting.

Continuing students with 30 or more hours of credit must meet certain requirements, detailed on website.

Attend an Info Session (registration required).

Walk-ins are fine for changing OUT of major.

All students must register for and attend an Information Session.

Students beyond their second semester, as well as freshmen who have already made one change-of-major, must meet several requirements, which are detailed on the website

Meet with either Dr. Mary Lynn Realff, Ms. Shirley Manchester, or Ms. Renita Washington.

Click here for more information and here for additional helpful tips.

In order for you to be fully prepared to major in Mechanical Engineering (ME), all students are required to complete the Change of Major Module in Canvas.


It is comprised of 6 short videos that showcase important information regarding an overview of Mechanical Engineering, the curriculum guide, advisor/student expectations, and how to complete the change of major form.  This will take about 20 minutes to complete.

There is a short assessment to confirm your understanding of the information reviewed in the video portion of the module.

You are not obligated to change your major if you complete the Change of Major module.

If you have additional questions or need further assistance with the change of major process, please contact the ME advisor that will be assigned to you.

Additional instructions can be found in the Canvas module.

Next Steps:

Once the Change of Major form has been signed by your current major and the ME department, it is solely the student's responsibility to turn the form into the Registrar’s Office.

Registrar’s Office is located on the first floor of Tech Tower. The form can also be emailed to the registrar’s Office at comments@registrar.gatech.edu.

If you turn your form into the Registrar’s Office after Phase 2 Registration closes for the semester, your change of major will go into effect during the following semester.


Process: Drop off form at front desk in MRDC 3112 and plan to pick it up next business day.  To meet with an advisor to discuss major exploration, use GradesFirst to schedule an appointment 

  • :  Students beyond their second semester at Tech, those who have already made one change-of-major, and all transfer students, must meet NRE requirements. Click here for details.

NRE: Students who have earned 60 or more hours must meet specific requirements

College of Sciences

Meet with Dr. Kimberley Schurmeier to discuss major and for signatures.

Meet with Dr. Kimberley Schurmeier to discuss major and for signatures.

Meet with Dr. Dana Hartley by either emailing her or schedule an appointment in GradesFirst.

Contact Dr. Enid Steinbart or schedule an appointment in GradesFirst.

Click here for more information!

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Regan Lawson in GradesFirst.

For more information on this new major, click here.

Contact Dr. Martin Jarrio to schedule a meeting.

Schedule an appointment with Mary Holder in GradesFirst.

Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Schedule an advising appointment with Jesse Brannen in GradesFirst .

All students MUST attend a Change of Major meeting. Click here for more information!

Email Mr. Tony Gallego for an appointment or stop by walk-in hours (10-4, M-F) in Old CE Bldg, rm. 208

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Amy D’Unger in GradesFirst (gatech.gradesfirst.com).

Additional information and resources for students interested in changing to or adding the HTS major are available here.

Students interested in International Affairs (INTA) should meet with Ms. Stephanie Jackson and can schedule an appointment in GradesFirst .

Schedule an appointment with Amanda Blocker in GradesFirst .

Schedule an appointment with Ms. Leslie Ross in GradesFirst .

NOTE: Students interested in majors such as Econ & International Affairs, or Global Economics and Modern Languages, or International Affairs and Modern Languages should meet with the advisors in both areas

Scheller College of Business

Scheller has several required steps for changing majors, detailed here.

Be sure to plan ahead in order to be ready for the BSBA Preparation Meeting