Student Organizations Explore Page

Connect with your peers to expand the exploration process and discover new interests.

Center for Career Discovery and Development

Connect with C2D2 to explore careers and to learn more about how to achieve your career goals.

Undergraduate Academic Advising Website

For more information on curriculum requirements for the majors you are exploring, go to the Academic Maps and Sample 4-Year Plans page.

If you are considering changing your major, please refer to the Change of Major Overview and Resources page for details on how to complete the major change process.

Student Alumni Association

Mentor Jackets Minute Mentoring

This program is for students interested in connecting with alumni who are working in their fields of interest.

Tradition Keeper Programs

This program is for students interested in learning about Georgia Tech’s history and traditions.

Students who complete this program are awarded a medallion to wear at graduation!

Office of International Education

International Program

The International Plan is Georgia Tech's globally-focused degree designation, recognizing students who have committed to making global competence a core part of their GT experience

Study Abroad

Studying abroad gives students an opportunity to improve their global competencies while meeting their academic goals, as students are able to take classes to fulfill their degree requirements.

Global Internships

Add a diverse set of skills to your resume with global internships.


Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) are opportunities for students to earn academic credit will engaging in team-based faculty-led research.

Pre-Health Advising

Please consider meeting with Francisco Castelan or attending a Pre-Health Overview Session.

Pre-Health advising provides opportunities for students to explore careers in healthcare and to develop plans to pursue their goals. The office has peer advisors who currently preparing for Pre-Health pathways.


The Georgia Tech Pre-Teaching program supports undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, and alumni considering a career in K-12 education. There are also opportunities to shadow a teacher.

Pre-Graduate Advising serves students who are considering graduate programs as a possible next step or eventual step in their career path. The pre-graduate advisor helps students to discern their career intentions, plan an undergraduate curriculum and co-curriculum, and prepare a competitive graduate school application.