On Monday, September 14th, 2020 GradesFirst will be replaced with Advisor Link.
Students will access Advisor Link at advisor.gatech.edu.
For more information, please visit our website, neweraadvising.gatech.edu/student-resources.


Have questions? Representatives are available via BlueJeans in the Advising & Transition Virtual Lobby (Mon-Fri 10am-6pm EST) 
Click the link above or join the lobby by phone: 1.408.419.1715

Expa Advising (old)


What is Exploratory Advising?

Exploratory advising is a process that focuses on cross-curricular academic advising, career assessment, guided exploration of majors and careers, and programming to allow students opportunities to interact with advisors, faculty, upper-class students and professionals from different fields, our students can discover their passions and make an informed decision on a major. [1]

Whether you came to Georgia Institute of Technology with a detailed plan on what programs of study you would pursue or not, exploratory advising is an opportunity to refine your plans and to have a conversation about all of the available pathways.

Mission Statement:

Exploratory advising is a collaborative effort to help students craft tailored degree plans through the exploration of majors, minors, certificates, and introspective assessments targeted at helping students develop and discover their academic and career goals.


"Due to public health concerns, Georgia Tech, is unable to offer in-person advising at this time.  We are offering students the choice to conduct advising via video conference but must convey that this method does make ensuring FERPA​ privacy difficult.  Advisors will conduct video advising in a private location and recommend that students do the same to limit the amount of information that could be overheard by others in the vicinity.  By agreeing to video conference-advising, students are confirming they understand this situation."

Drop-In Exploratory Advising is suspended for the rest of the semester. Exploratory Advising appointments are available on GradesFirst. Students will be sent a BlueJeans invitation to a virtual advising appointment after they schedule an appointment on GradesFirst.


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Time Zone Restrictions?

Do you live in a time zone other than Eastern Standard Time (EST)?  

If so, you can still make appointments for exploratory advising! 

All appointment times in GradesFirst (www.gatech.gradesfirst.com) are EST ("Atlanta time").  If you do live in a different zone, when you go into GradesFirst to make please, indicate in the comments section where you live and the hour difference between Atlanta and you, e.g.,"Berlin, Germany: 5 hours later." 

If the only appointments available to you are outside of your regular operating hours, please indicate this in the comments section as well and make an appointment anyway. I will work with you to figure out something more reasonable between our two zones.