I have to know what career/major I want by orientation or I will not graduate on time.

While Georgia Tech does require that students declare a major, they also give students the opportunity to change majors.  Students also have their core to take classes that are required, for all majors, which will also provide an opportunity to explore majors or to gain confidence in your current major.    

Everyone is certain of their major, but me.

About one-third of students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs changed majors. About 1 in 10 students changed majors more than once.

Once I declare a major, I am stuck, even if I am no longer interested in it

At Georgia Tech first-year students have one free major change.

Transfer students are also able to change their major, but must be mindful of major change requirements. It is important to talk to your major advisor, or meet with the Exploratory Advisor, when you are considering a major change.

There is a test that will tell me exactly what major I should choose.

Assessments, like the ONET Interest Profiler, will highlight trends in your interests and aptitude, which can later be unpacked during an appointment with the Exploratory Advisor or a Career Advisor.