For Students

At Georgia Tech, we understand that academic advising is essential for students’ academic success.

Professor sitting outside speaking to a student

We encourage students to consult their academic advisors for information about:

- Major Selection & Registration
- Cu
rriculum & Degree Requirements
- University Policies
- Academic Standing
- Professional Development
- Study Abroad
- Undergraduate Resources
- Campus Resources

Georgia Tech’s academic advisors are united in our commitment to ensuring that all students have the resources and support to achieve their goals during their time on campus. 

Please use the following resources for frequent questions:

Registration and Courses
How do I get to OSCAR to register for classes?
Where can I construct a draft schedule of classes?
When is the registration period?
What classes satisfy the Global Perspective overlay? 
Who can help me if I need a permit or overload?
Where can I learn about important dates in the academic year at GT?
Grades, Classification, and Academic Standing
How do I calculate my GPA?
Isn't there an easier way to calculate my future GPA?
How does GPA affect my academic standing?
I'm on academic probation or warning. What does that mean?
What's my classification?
Advising and Student Services
Whom should I tell if I'm worried about the wellbeing of another student? 
Where can I go if I'm worried about my own wellbeing?
Where can I get guidance about possible careers, Co-ops, or internships?
Where can I find tutoring or academic support?
How can I apply for a prestigious fellowship?
How can I build community around a shared interest? 
How can I manage my disability?
What resources are available for student athletes?