Team Leaders

About Team Leaders

All sections of GT 1000 & 2000 utilize upper-class peer leaders referred to as “Team Leaders” or “TLs.” Team Leaders are students who volunteer to work closely with the class instructor to facilitate small group interaction and offer advice and support to incoming Tech students. 

Team Leader Mission Statement

The Team Leader program enhances student success through peer guidance, GT 1000/2000 instructor support, leadership skills development, community building, and familiarity with Georgia Tech resources.

Team Leader Statement of Purpose

Team Leaders foster a support network for incoming Georgia Tech students by building relationships with students in GT 1000 & 2000 classes, introducing them to Georgia Tech resources, and helping familiarize them with campus culture. Team Leaders serve as resources to GT 1000/2000 instructors by communicating student needs, assisting in classroom presentations, and building a classroom community.

Benefits of Being a Team Leader

Students who complete the Team Leader experience will:

  • Strengthen their personal leadership identity.
  • Learn to effectively work and collaborate with their GT 1000 or 2000 instructor.
  • Demonstrate effective oral presentation skills.
  • Enhance their understanding of Georgia Tech culture and resources. 

To learn more about the qualifications and process for becoming a Team Leader, please click here.