Tutoring & Academic Support

What tutoring is available at Tech?

There are a lot of great free tutoring programs at Tech. For more information visit http://www.success.gatech.edu.

How can I find out about workshops and other assistance with time management?

The Counseling Center offers workshops each term on dealing with campus life and stress. See the workshop calendar for the latest schedule. Also, Success Programs offers a lot of valuable information on time management and test taking. Appointments can be scheduled.

How is HOPE affected by grades or dropping a course?

To learn more about HOPE, go to the financial aid site. Also, feel free to contact financial aid advisors or make an appointment.

When are my finals?

The Registrar's Office posts the final exam schedule on their calendar web page.

What graduate/law/K-12 teaching/med school advising is available?

Tech has various pre-professional advisors. Currently, we have a pre-law and pre-teaching (K-12) advisor. To look up their location and contact information, go to the Find Your Advisor section of this site. For graduate school, the faculty in your area of interest will be the best resource. Talk to the academic advisor in the area you'd like to study to find out which faculty might be most helpful for your particular interest.

How can I find out more about studying abroad?

Tech has some wonderful study abroad programs as well as arrangements with many foreign institutions for semesters abroad. The Office of International Education can tell you more about the programs, including information on which institutions have programs like your major. You can then meet with your academic advisor to find out more about the courses abroad and what works best for you.

How can I get involved in research?

Getting involved in research is one of the advantages of attending Georgia Tech. While your classes are teaching you the cutting edge in knowledge, doing research is creating that new knowledge base. One way to get involved is to look up faculty web pages and see what sounds most interesting to you. Then contact that faculty member to discuss possibly doing research with them. More information can be found on the Undergraduate Research website.

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See the Registrar's Office web page for answers to many questions, or contact your academic advisor.