Minors + Certificates

CS Minor, Physics Minor, Energy Systems Minor

Major Notes:

Students can work towards meeting the requirements for certification programs from the American Meteorological Society (AMS) as well as U.S. government employment (e.g., GS-1340 requirements)

Change of Major Process:

Contact Dr. Zachary Handlos


The new AOS degree is for students interested in the atmospheric sciences, meteorology, climate science and oceanography and are looking to apply Georgia Tech’s strengths in mathematics and computation to understand how to observe the atmosphere and oceans, forecast weather and climate events and learn the science behind global climate change and its impacts.

Advisor Contact:

Intro Courses:

EAS 1600 Introduction to Environmental Science

Introduction to environmental field science. Case study approach. Exposure to basic field equipment and techniques, analysis of data.

EAS 2750 Physics of the Weather

An introductory treatment of the application of the basic physical laws to the understanding of weather phenomena. Cross listed with Phys 2750.