Exploratory Advising

How to Schedule an APPT

Exploratory Advising is for Students who are:

Remote Exploratory Advising appointments available

Exploratory Advising appointments are available on Advisor Link. Students will be sent a BlueJeans invitation to a virtual advising appointment after they schedule an appointment on Advisor Link.

Time Zone Restrictions?

Do you live in a time zone other than Eastern Standard Time (EST)? If the only appointments available to you are outside of your regular operating hours, please indicate this in the comments section and make an appointment anyway. I will work with you to figure out something more reasonable between our two zones.

What is Exploratory Advising?

Exploratory Advising is a process that focuses on cross-curricular academic Advising, career assessment, guided exploration of majors and careers, and programming to allow students opportunities to interact with advisors, faculty, upper-class students and professionals from different fields; our students can discover their passions and make an informed decision on a major.

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Change of Major Process

Academic Planning

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