Minors + Certificates

CS Minor, Energy Systems Minor, Physics Minor

Student Organizations:

Sigma Gamma Epsilon (SGE) Earth Honor Society

Change of Major Process:

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The new SEP degree is for students interested in solid earth and planetary sciences and are looking to apply Georgia Tech’s strengths in mathematics and computation to understand the structure, evolution, hazards, and future of planetary bodies, including Earth.

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Intro Courses:

EAS 1601 Habitable Planet

Introduction to the origin and evolution of Planet Earth, creation of the universe and the elements, early history of Earth, radioisotope geochemistry and the timing of events in the universe, the galaxy, and on Earth. Formation of the atmosphere and oceans. Climate.

EAS 2600 Earth Processes

The purpose of this course is to provide you with an understanding of how the Earth works and how it affects you. As an inhabitant of Earth, it is important that you understand the processes that shape the landscape, cause natural hazards, influence climate change, and produce natural resources. Knowledge of how the Earth works can also help you in your daily lives.