Success Summit

The Success Summit is an event especially created to offer Tech students tools and practical resources to successfully prepare for the new semester.  The online modules will cover topics ranging from time management to motivation. This Spring semester, the focus is on active learning.  Whether your goal is to turn things around, become more strategic and efficient, or transition to campus as a new transfer student, the Summit is for you!  

The Summit format will be online using self-paced modules on Canvas, daily discussion boards, and live panels over the course of five days.

Module Topics

  • January 10, Module 1:  Motivation Management
  • January 11, Module 2: Making Time Work for You
  • January 12, Module 3: Customizing Your Experience at Tech
  • January 13, Module 4: Study Smarter, Not Harder
  • January 14, Module 5: How to be Successful in your Courses